It’s so easy to look at all of the problems in the world, but we need to look up and see the opportunities we have right now, to share the message of God’s love.

UCB Radio is a powerful way of doing this – as you may now have heard during our appeal this week. Radio has the potential to reach millions of homes with the good news of Jesus, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

UCB is a charity and we depend on the generosity of our listeners, readers and viewers. By partnering with UCB, together we can reach so many more people with a message that will change their lives forever.

Thank you for considering giving a gift to UCB to help ‘Bring Four: Thirty Five Alive’!

Click here to tune in to UCB on May 10th, 11th, 12th.


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More about how you can support UCB

Why regular donations?

A regular income is essential. It means…

We can plan ahead

We can cover essential ongoing costs.
Broadcasting our two UK-wide digital Radio stations UCB1 and UCB2.
Sharing the UCB Word For Today through radio, print and online.
Producing and maintaining our UCB TV player app.

We can deliver life-changing content.
For UCB TV: filming amazing documentaries and testimonies, new shows and films like Cross Purposes, Facing the Canon, Jovis.
For UCB Radio: recording special programmes like our live broadcast from the Hillsong Summer Conference

We can broadcast live from some of the biggest Christian events in the UK, like Big Church Day Out, One Event, Hillsong Colour conference and Mission Worship.

We can impact lives like David's

If you already give regularly and would like to increase your gift, please call our Supporter Care team on 0845 60 40 401. Thank you.

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"UCB is divinely inspired and has helped me many times being the word I needed at that specific time. It has brought hope many times through my depression. I have given to UCB as I think this world needs this production and The Big Mission is needed".


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